Jump for the Children Horse Show

Tues-Sun  7-9am    Morning Hospitality

Wed-Sat                  Duke Children's Silent Auction

Wed          12pm     Welcome Lunch, Barnmaster Barn

Thurs        6-8pm    Wine & Cheese Celebration

Thurs        6:30pm   Welcome Jumper Stake


Fri     4:30-5:30pm   Kid FUN in Barnmaster Barn

Fri            5:30pm    'Jump for the Children' Stick Horse Race

Fri            6:30pm    USHJA International Hunter Derby


Fri            6-8pm     Duke Exhibitors' Derby Dinner

Sat            6:30pm   Grand Prix Sponsor Party ~ By Invitation

Sat            7pm        'Jump for the Children' Lead Line

Sat            7:45pm    Duke Children's Grand Prix

Sun           7-9am     Thank you Breakfast in Barnmaster Barn

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Horse Show Benefitting Duke Children's Hospital in Raleigh

Come show with us..


Jump for the Children is hosted by


*Schedule is tentative*

Horse Show Benefitting Duke Children's Hospital in Raleigh

Horse show benefitting duke children's hospital in raleigh

duke children's grand prix in raleigh

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November 8-13, 2016


GRAND PRIX General Admission TICKETS

Will be on sale at the East and West ends of the indoor ring starting

Saturday 11/12, 4:30 pm

$10 per ticket - Children under 10 are free.

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Duke Children's Hospital

Triangle Farms is proud to host a horse show that helps make a difference in the lives of the children at Duke Children's Hospital.

We truly know that 'Jump for the Children' is not just another horse show, but a horse show that makes a difference…because nothing matters more!

Benefiting Duke Children's Hospital

November 8-13, 2016