Jump for the Children Horse Show

​​Tues-Sun  7-9am    Morning Hospitality

Wed-Sat                  Duke Children's Silent Auction

Wed          12pm     Welcome Lunch, Barnmaster Barn

                                     sponsored by Cam Womble & Carolina Cupcake

Thurs        6-8pm    Wine & Cheese Celebration

                                     sponsored by 3H Vetrinary & Merial Ltd

Thurs        6:30pm   Welcome Jumper Stake

                                sponsored by The Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation

Fri     4:30-5:30pm   Kid FUN in Barnmaster Barn

                                      sponsored by Rosie Midyette

Fri            5:30pm    'Jump for the Children' Stick Horse Race

                                      sponsored by MacNair's Country Acres

Fri            6:00pm    USHJA International Hunter Derby

                                      sponsored by Triangle Farms Horse Shows

Fri            6-8pm     Duke Exhibitors' Derby Dinner

                                     sponsored by Golden Corral & MD Barnmaster

Sat            6:30pm   Grand Prix Sponsor Party ~ By Invitation

                                     sponsored by Friends of the Children

Sat            7pm        'Jump for the Children' Lead Line

                                     sponsored by Jamestown Equestrian Center

Sat            7:45pm    Duke Children's Grand Prix

sponsored by Katherine Miracle Bennett in memory of Louise McMichael Miracle

Sun           7-9am     Thank you Breakfast in Barnmaster Barn

*Schedule is tentative*

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Horse Show Benefitting Duke Children's Hospital in Raleigh

Come show with us..


Jump for the Children is hosted by


Horse Show Benefitting Duke Children's Hospital in Raleigh

Horse show benefitting duke children's hospital in raleigh

duke children's grand prix in raleigh

Featured Events 

November 8-13, 2016


Tickets for the GRAND PRIX

General Admission 

Will be on sale at the East and West ends of the indoor ring starting

Saturday 11/12, 4:30 pm

$10 per ticket (cash only) - Children under 10 are free. ATM at West side ticket booth

Click HERE to donate to

Duke Children's Hospital

Triangle Farms is proud to host a horse show that helps make a difference in the lives of the children at Duke Children's Hospital.

We truly know that 'Jump for the Children' is not just another horse show, but a horse show that makes a difference…because nothing matters more!

Benefiting Duke Children's Hospital

November 8-13, 2016